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  1. Hi Toby from TJ carpets here. This is the second day of using this tool, I bought it because I have had problems with SI joint pain due to using a kicker. This tool is brill would recommend highly. Takes away the constant impact on the body!!!!

  2. Hi Pete. My name is Paul Barker from the UK Unfortunately I have lost my kneeless, (long story) but need to order another couldn’t fit without it now. You may want to check back through the guest book, but after my comment you said there would be discount on my next order, does this still apply. If so let me know how much and how to order, I preferred pay pal.

  3. Peter the kneeless works awesome,did my 1st lob with it on 11-12-12 ,117 yards in 5 hours with stairs.Before this tool i was using a stretcher with the spike and sometimes tubes,but now this tool will be used all the time,it really stretches the carpet tight. I been installing for 30 years,and wish i had this back then.

  4. Got my kneeless today, used it at home to restretch my lounge carpet, it is now tight as a drum and was a lot better than whacking my knee against the bumper on a knee kicker. Thanks Peter for a great tool

  5. It’s our first carpet re-stretching project. The kneeless carpet stretcher was extremely easy to learn and use. Needless to say, we did not experience any knee pain during the carpet re-stretching. The stretcher was very effective in helping us to get the room done within minutes. We all felt accomplished when we looked at a waveless carpeted room. Thank you Peter for such an amazing creation.

  6. Many thanks Peter,
    It arrived on Friday! I`m well impressed with the speed and also very pleased with the performance ,quality and control,compared with my last little power stretcher (no longer made by Floorwise) a “Kneesfree” ,with two tail spikes. I will be recommending your system to other fitters over here.

  7. congratulations started fitting in 1972 until 2004. finished due to bursitus of the knee and could not face the kicking of the knee kicker any more.now owner of an hotel which is seasonal I wish this was around earlier a much more pleasant and less tireing way of fitting, maybe i mite invest in one to allow me to have an extra income during the quiet times during the winter months. I really miss my skill. congratulations on your design.

  8. I want to thank everyone that has entered a guest book entry to my website. It is important to share info to other installers. I’m so glad that I have supplied many installers with a product/tool that benifits the work that they perform as well as the quality of life that they deserve.
    This is a THANK YOU to those that have shared their comments with the rest of the of world.
    Best Regards to all!

  9. Im a carpet layer from new zealand and I also bought one of these a couple of weeks ago…. an amazing tool i love it, took a bit to get used to but so worth it gets carpet nice and tight wen used properly, cheerz again peter, will b in touch for more.

  10. Paul,
    Thank you for the feed back on the Kneeless. Most installers get it and don’t give any feed back. I will give you a discount on your next order.
    Best Regards!

  11. Thanks Peter,
    I am a carpet fitter from the UK with 32 years experience. I have just started using the kneeless and WOW what a tool. I am getting much tighter instalations without any power stretching. And the best bit I have more energy at the end of the day. I love this tool and want to tell you all it does everthing the video’s say it does. Thanks to all at kneeless.com

  12. Kneeless,
    In our business we specialize in bolk installations of hotels. We are going to try this out. It looks like we can save a alot of time with it.

  13. Sweet,
    Hey man i lernd on this same kinda stretchers my boss use to sell them he tought floor covering classis in minot north dakota this is a must have to anyone reading i did a motel with another guy we both started at the same time and i was 4 rooms ahead of him in 3 1/2 houres the best thing ever

  14. Easy stretch
    I’ve been installing floor covering for 37 years and as i get older, i’ve finally gotten wiser. this tool is fantastic. its a tremendous time saver not even to mention not having to drag those stretcher boxes in and out. i’ve used it on small jobs and 45 foot basements. never a complaint. i highly recommend this tool and would have to retire if mine broke or was stolen. i love it. thanks. KEB…

  15. Awesome Tool,
    Your site is very cool. I love the videos. They show the tool really well. I plan to tell my brotherinlaw about this tool. He will love it. It looks like it will save him time and pain.

  16. Kneeless carpet strecher
    thank you for inventing this efficiant carpet strecher.i have been using the kneeless for seven years now ,its great.i will not install with out it.great job.

  17. Carpet stretcher
    Thank you for sending the stretcher so promptly and in excellent condition. My husband is looking forward to using it very much. Best of luck with your business. Again many thanks. Josephine

  18. Peter have recieved kneeless kicker on friday 3rd june in the afternoon ,had to pay some import tax but the kicker is worth every penny .i used it yesterday for the first time to stretch a wilton carpet witch are normally physically hard to do with the normal kicker , but with the kneeless it made it so easy and a much tighter and controled stretch. I now consider the kneeless stretcher most important part of my fiiting equipment , I will be in touch shortly to purchase some more for my apprentices ,once agian Peter many thanks I will be in touch soon Tony Bayliff

  19. Help
    Hi I live in England I am a carpet fitter with sor knees and would like to buy one or two of your carpet stretchers how much are thay in english money plus postage
    Thank you

  20. Hi, i use your kneeless all the time, for the last five years and its great. Im always fixing other installers work when any carpet is around stairways and hallways. Works great!Well thanks for making a awsome tool.

  21. Very Interested!!
    Great Website,tool looks even better,and great reviews.I am a journeyman of 20 years living in Vancouver,B.C.,Canada.If I was to purchase your tool ,and it needed servicing,how much hassle would we be talking about. If it is as good as it appears,I know alot of Installers who would be very interested.I am in the Floorlayers Union Local 1541 here in BC.I believe that the brotherhood would be interested in checking it out. I also am interested in knowing the maximum length of material ,that could be stretched ,before resorting to Power stretching.Again,very impressed.

  22. The Kneeless is the best carpet tool i have ever used , it makes less work of jobs and its liter ,faster and easyer to use than all the other tools i have used in the past thanks

  23. Stretcher
    Tell me how this works on a large room (18’x20′)in den,to stretch tight.Never laid carpet before,To use on my on personel rent houses. Also what does this unit cost.

  24. kneeless is great.
    I did not buy this product for myself, but for my brother. He has used many different kneeless stretchers, and says that this is the best he has ever used. The steel center tube is much better than the old aluminum tubes. The only complant about the unit is the knee pad. It ripped the first time that he used it, but this is just a minor thing and affects the use very little. Hats off to you and we will be shure to tell all of our friends to about your product. Thank you for the great product. One more thing, how do I order new teeth pads and how much are they? Thank you again.

  25. Carpet stretcher
    I just received my Kneeless. Great tool!A bit pricey, but worth every cent. Good tools pay for themselves in time and labor saved. I thank you. And my knees thank you.

  26. i received my kneeless wed. after work. can’t wait to use it monday. thank you again! i would rank the whole transaction a 10 out of 10! You made my thanksgiving by being so professional about the whole process, and i would certainly recomend you and you product to anybody!

    thanks again Pete, and i’m sure i’ll be buying more of these kneeless stretchers in the near future.

  27. Dear Peter
    Thank you for the extremely prompt delivery of the kneeless, used it on a bedroom first job today. I was amazed it is a awsome piece of kit. I have been fitting for 32 years and now feel I can go on for ever, never even broke into a sweat. I took to the kneeless straight away and the job was perfect, very good even stretch.
    Many thanks for you’re patience, waiting for the funds, once again thanks for a great product.

  28. The kneeless is an impressive tool, easy to use a joy to work with should save my knees and back, uk buyers be aware there is an extra import tax when it arrives in the U.K. Around the £40 mark, which I was not made aware of. Andy Ward.

  29. Hi Peter! I’m wondering to myself if you’ve ever thought about developing a mini kneeless stretcher for things such as steps and small closets. I’ve been using your product for a number of years now, all for the same the store, and never had a callback for loose carpet. I believe in it! …I also believe in saving my knees by using a mini stretcher on steps haha. Looking forward to seeing the mini on the market. Thanks for making my life easier Peter…take care. Jeremy

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