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pete_largeMy name is Peter. I have been a professional carpet installer for over 20 years. Before I used the Kneeless Carpet Stretcher, I used the knee kicker. Many times my back and knees would ache after a long day using the knee kicker. Fifteen years ago, I switched to the Kneeless Carpet Stretcher. What a difference! Now there is no pain from stretching the carpet because there is no pounding or twisting. This means I will extend my career – painlessly.

You know that knee kickers wear out quickly – often needing repairs. The Kneeless Carpet Stretcher is just the opposite…it is a durable piece of equipment. It works on a leverage system , therefore there is no impact on the knee.

You can see here how it works.

As one professional installer to another, you know what I mean about knee and back pain.